Company Brief

Ivyhills is one of the most sought-after low-grown tea manufacturers in Sri Lanka. We have a hundred acre tea plantation in Udalamatta in the south of Sri Lanka, near Galle. We operate from two offices, the main one is situated in the capital Colombo and the other office is in the factory premises in Galle.


Nature of Business

We are leading Producers & Manufacturers of low-grown Sri Lankan Tea, sold mainly at the Colombo Tea Auctions, consequently our tea is sold extensively in the international market, but under different labels. As registered sellers at the Colombo Tea Auctions, we have sizeable purchase orders each week to meet the requirements of our clients. We also maintain good relations with other low-grown tea manufacturers in southern Sri Lanka. This enables us to satisfy orders for large order quantities as and when required.

Tradition of Business

Ours is a mature business entity that has been running successfully for the past 20 years under strict corporate practices. The entire tea manufacture is being supervised and managed by its Managing Director, Mr. Bandula Dias while his brother Mr. Lal Dias looks after the finance & administration functions. Mr. Bandula Dias is well known in the Tea Industry, having more than 35 years of experience as a professional planter, while his brother Lal is an ex-Banker and an IT Consultant.


Company Growth

The company has shown an overall growth rate of 15 - 20% per annum in the past few years. We feel proud to mention that we have been awarded many a prestigious award for the quality of our tea, having been nominated for these awards by well-known personalities in this field of business. The newest of the awards received was the Ceylon Tea Quality Certificate (CQC) awarded by the Tea Board of Sri Lanka.

As a result of this unprecedented growth and quality potential, we have invested in a second tea manufacturing plant situated in close proximity to Ivyhills. This factory carries the selling marks “Ivy Valley” and “Ivy Tea” and has already established itself as a major force at the Colombo Tea Auctions.

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